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Featured Independent Art Curator and the founder of Curator on the Go - Elizaveta "Liza" Zhurkovskaya

Liza, the founder of Curator on the Go, is a Toronto-based independent Art Curator. She has been working directly with artists since 2015, and has helped them thrive in the industry through media opportunities, exhibitions, and business advice. She also organizes exhibitions and art events around the city.

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Featured Artist Arcadia GSINE

Arcadia GSINE Turkey/Gypsy-Czech born artist who aligned herself with art. An artist with a beautiful heart she expresses her feelings and shares her experiences with the world. Her beautiful paintings, abstract artworks will add stylish look to any modern space. 

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Featured Artist madame HAIR

Emerging on Canada’s art scene her art has made it to the Saatchi Art collection. Madame HAIR’s art is satirical, sometimes ludicrous, and sometimes so absurd that it can destabilize any life’s situation, in a split second, drawing the viewer in and out of their deep thoughts. Art lovers will feel compelled to keep staring at her art questioning every feeling and thought.

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