My mission is to help artists turn their passion into their career and profitable businesses. Unfortunately not every artist has the luxury of displaying their work in a gallery.  Some “starving artists” have so many inventories they don’t know what to do with it.  I want to give these artists a way to have their artwork viewed, purchased, and enjoyed instead of collecting dust.

Are you an emerging artist struggling with the challenge of growing your creative business? Need strategies to more effectively market and sell your work? I offer art business consulting services to artists and creative entrepreneurs.

With a genuine passion for the arts and deep understanding of digital best practices, I design and deploy custom media solutions that help you capture the power of digital and realize exceptional results. With advanced advertising tools and marketing expertise, I drive unmatched performance to make you look like a rock star when marketing your own art or creative business.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is An Art Consultant? And How Can They Help You Specifically?

As an artist, your primary concern is the production of art that speaks to your creative drives and allows you to retain your artistic integrity.

However, any successful or emerging artist needs to understand where their art fits in the marketplace in order to continue to produce the art they love. An artist cannot live on creativity alone, and in order to earn money as well as respect all artists need to find a market for their artwork effectively or risk losing out on a career that they love. This is where the guidance and mentorship of an art consultant can prove extremely beneficial.

Why Hire an Art Consultant?

If your goal is increasing community impact with your art, and you need both strategic and tactical advise and guidance, a consultant can help. If you need to know basics in fundraising to get your website or your brand presence up to speed, consultants can help. If you have reached a plateau in audience growth and need new ideas and techniques, consultants can help.

Marketing offline is another way to drive traffic to an artist’s art website and help to create new art opportunities. Overall, offline marketing helps to make art sales and to brand the artist and their artwork.

How an Art Consultant Can Help You Grow Your Art or Creative Business?

As a growing profession offering a range of beneficial services across the arts world, art consultants can offer enormous value to anyone looking to make an impact on the art scene. Whether you’re an artist, a gallery or a collector, art consultants can guide careers and collections to get the most out of both.

And How Can You Help Me?

I help artists reach customers by selling their artwork at high foot-traffic, non-traditional locations such as office buildings, malls, restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, art collectors etc.

I have close working relationships with artists to understand their needs and I negotiate with other promoters, gallery managers and media representatives to promote their art online or in person. I work with artists by ensuring the production of art that will find willing purchasers while clients in galleries, corporations and private collections helps ensure the matching of artwork with appreciative homes.

Your Passion. Your Art. Your Story

I help artists tell their story so they can get wide exposure in online art world. I like connecting with like minded individuals. So if you want to join my team send me an email!

Happy connecting!